What are the odds?

Credit to http://www.sport-quote.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/BettingOdds-Forecast-Methods-on-Analyzing..jpeg

We all know one thing is certain – one team will lift the famous World Cup trophy at the end of the tournament. Question is who should you put your money on? Well we have an answer for that. Sort of…

The oddmakers create a ratio which you can use to predict who will win the game. I am by no means implying you should put actual human money down.. but it’s definitely interesting to see what the odds say.

I suggest you take a look at these links to explore for ourselves – but I’ll save you the trouble if you’re just looking for the outright winners for the tournament.

bet365 odds(via bet365.com)
skybet.com odds

(via skybet.com)


Brasil is (apparently) destined to bring sweet glory to their home country with arch rivals Argentina breathing down their necks on odds. History doesn’t have much to say against this with American teams winning a majority of their championships on their proper side of the World.

We all have our opinions – I want to know yours! Comment below on what you make of these bookies’ odds. What do you make of these odds? Who is your favorite and why?

(photo credit sport-quote.info)

2 responses to “What are the odds?

  1. I’m absolutely baffled by the odds of Mexico to win in both of the graphics relative to other teams. Have these oddsmakers watched Mexico play in the past year and a half?? No way Mexico should be ahead of (or equal to) the likes of the USA and Ghana among others

    • I agree with you, Tyler. It may have something to do with the group the United States is in.. getting out into the knockout stages may be the toughest part for USA. Though it’s not like Mexico had much luck in their draw with Brazil, Croatia, and Cameroon! D:

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